Destiny 2 Opulent Keys: How to find and use

Looking for how to get Opulent Keys and use them in Destiny 2? These special items are unique to the new Leviathan patrol zone that the Season of the Haunted added, and can be used to claim seasonal weapons and gear. Every key has a lock, and these keys open the aptly-named Opulent Chests spread throughout the new region.

The Leviathan isn’t quite as expansive as it used to be, but you might still get a little lost trying to find all of the Opulent Chests, especially since your key won’t open every single one. You’ll have to try out lots in order to open one and get your loot. In this Opulent Key guide, I’ll run through how they work, how you can get more, and all six of the current Opulent Chest locations in the Royal Pools and the Pleasure Gardens areas.

Destiny 2 Opulent Keys: Where to find them

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