E3 2022 predictions: What will be the biggest surprises?

E3 is happening this year despite E3 not happening this year. The official show is gone, but that hasn’t stopped June from being a big month for events (including our own PC Gaming Show (opens in new tab)) filled with game trailers and announcements. There’s a whole “E3” schedule (opens in new tab) to look forward to and each one could have an announcement that will dramatically shape our outlook on the near-future of gaming.

Will someone get Embraced (opens in new tab)? Will Geoff Keighley make it into the next Death Stranding as himself? Heck, maybe we’ll finally get to see the name “Fallout: New Vegas 2” in a trailer. Everything is up in the air right now and that’s why it’s the perfect time to start making guesses on what could happen.

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