How Johnny Depp V. Amber Heard Became A Modern OJ Simpson Trial

All it takes is one viral moment, one viral tweet, to get the entire world up in arms about something, rallying behind their keyboards and doling out their subjective ideas of justice whenever something controversial happens in the popular media.

Johnny Depp, a beloved actor who has played many legendary movie roles over the years and has cemented a cult-like fanbase that will defend him with their dying breath.

Online, Depp is the central figure in one of the most high-profile trials of this generation as he takes on his ex-wife Amber Heard in an attempt to quash the domestic violence allegations she has made against him.

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But for those who have watched similar highly publicized trials play out in the public eye before a verdict is reached in court, the fandom that has surrounded the Depp v. Hear trial is as dangerous as the allegations made in could.

Johnny Depp is now being compared to OJ Simpson.

One abusive relationship on both sides, a messy break, and a couple of lawsuits later, their trial is the most talked-about celebrity trial in ages and as it nears the end, people went online to talk about their hottest takes, who’s innocent and who’s guilty and comparing this case to other landmark cases that took the media by storm.

Someone on Twitter claimed that Johnny Depp was the “white people’s OJ.”

Rae Sanni, a stand-up comedian and TV writer according to her Twitter page, tweeted a simple question that was likely meant to be a satirical take on how popularized and obsessed people have become with the Depp v. Hear trial.

“OMG is Johnny Depp white people OJ?!” she tweeted.


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