I’m a fashion expert – the 10 things that show if you’re classy or cheap in seconds & how you do your hair is key

THERE are ten things that will show if you’re classy or cheap, according to this fashion expert who says she was taught these tips by her glamorous grandmother.

French fashionista Frédérique Bros aims to help women elevate their style, and has now revealed the ten things that can show others if you are classy or cheap.


Frédérique says her grandma taught her how to be classy and elegantCredit: Frederique Bros / youtube

“You can buy designer clothes but you can’t buy class,” says Frédérique, adding that she’s sharing the tips she was taught by her grandmother, who she describes as being a typical French grandmother, “very blunt, very direct.”

Frédérique’s first tip is to “never leave the house without checking yourself in the mirror” first. She also adds that you should always consider how you will come across to someone who is meeting you for the first time that day, as first impressions are incredibly important.

She also states that you should be sure to always wear some form of lipstick or gloss. Frédérique says she learned this from her grandma when she was 19 and on a camping and caravan holiday when they were popping out of the caravan to go and get some food and grandmother stopped to put lipstick on, to which Frédérique asked why.

Her nan then responded with: “Frédérique, an elegant woman never leaves the house, or the caravan, without lipstick.”

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“Never underestimate the power of a good accessory,” says the fashion expert. Although, she does point out that overdoing it with accessories, such as having rings on every finger, can make you look cheap.

“You can wear the most expensive clothes, you can wear the most expensive perfume, but your manners will definitely betray you,” says Frédérique, stressing that both posture and politeness is important.

According to this fashionista, you should always cross your legs when sitting – especially when wearing a skirt or dress. Table manners are also important and you should be sure to close your mouth and chew quietly while eating.

She also adds that the appearance of your nails is extremely important, claiming that you can have the most glamorous outfit and an expensive designer bag but if your nails don’t look good you’ll quickly find yourself on the cheap, rather than classy, end of the spectrum.

Frédérique continues, saying “a classy lady will never lose her temper,” especially if she is in public. Instead, you should be calm and confident and not react to things that may anger or annoy you.

She also says that you should act classy when out at restaurants and shops and should not be a “Karen.”

According to this fashion guru you should try to always wear make-up, even if it’s just a little bit of mascara or blush to elevate your look. You should also wear a nice perfume, but not too much that people can still smell you minutes after you have passed.

Frédérique further stresses the importance of styling your hair before leaving the house – if you are having a bad hair day then she suggests tying hair back into a ponytail.

Frédérique says these ten things could change your entire look from cheap to classy, ​​​​or vice versa


Frédérique says these ten things could change your entire look from cheap to classy, ​​​​or vice versaCredit: Frederique Bros / youtube
Manners are incredibly important when it comes to looking classy


Manners are incredibly important when it comes to looking classyCredit: msfrederique/Instagram

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