Pantheon – Pantheon refines its universe and finalizes its crafting system

During this month of May, the teams of Visionary Realms have recruited artists, hard at work to expand the universe of Pantheon. The MMORPG’s crafting and harvesting systems are also functional and ready to be tested.

Almost every month, the studio teams Visionary Realms report on progress in the development of Pantheon. The “producer’s letter” for this month of May has just been published and we note in particular that the studio is recruiting to strengthen its teams and continue to expand the universe of its MMORPG.

As we know, the Visionary Realms teams have been working for a long time on optimizing the Pantheon engine (on the graphics rendering and on the MMORPG’s network infrastructure). This technical component of the project is about to be finalized, so the studio is now focusing more on adding content. Visionary now has several new artists in its ranks (world and environment designers, or even artists specializing in character design and animation), who refine the areas of the game world or the architecture of the different playable peoples of Pantheon (notably the lands of the Halflings).

It is also noted that crafting and resource harvesting systems are now functional and ready to be tested.
For the record, crafting should be an integral part of Pantheon gameplay. The developer does not intend to make it an ancillary activity, but an inseparable component of the gameplay. More concretely, the artisans and the adventurers will have to work together: the adventurers will harvest the resources used by the artisans to make the pieces of equipment that the adventurers will need. To go further, the developer intends to make it easier to find a craftsman with the necessary skills to craft the object coveted by an adventurer rather than trying to loot the object in question. In the same spirit, craftsmen will also be able to personalize objects looted, to adapt them to the specific expectations of a player. In other words, the objects looted will often be relatively generic, but the role of craftsmen will be decisive in making them really useful to other players.

As for the function of craftsman, it should not be limited to staying in town near the craft workshops. Crafters will also have to explore the world to find original crafting recipes: certain techniques or crafting skills will be exclusive to certain regions and learning a recipe does not necessarily mean mastering it forever. It will be necessary to regularly revise its techniques and refine its art to continue to exercise it and to improve its creations.

We understand that crafting is both a social activity and interaction with other players, but also exploration and regular development. So many elements that we can therefore probably discover during the next phases of testing of Pantheon.


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