Simon Thomas’ wife told she was’ suffering from stress’ by GP before dying of cancer

Simon Thomas has recalled how his late wife Gemma’s blood cancer symptoms were ignored at first, and stressed the importance of raising awareness of the deadly disease.

Mum-of-one Gemma visited her local GP three times complaining of headachesnight sweats, bruising and fatigue, but was dismissed each time.

In November 2017, the former Blue Peter presenter’s wife saw her symptoms become more severe, but was still told that her foods were possibly stressed related.

After eventually being rushed to A&E, Gemma was diagnosed with adult acute myeloid leukemia and died three days later on November 24.

Simon, who is currently promoting a competition in aid of Blood Cancer UKwas left heartbroken and alone raising their son Ethan, now 12.

Simon Thomas sharing a laugh with his son and wife Gemma, before she fell ill in 2017

The pair both had therapy for two years following Gemma’s devastating death – with Ethan’s counselor going on to make an appearance on TV.

“We both benefited from having people to talk to and we both spent two years working with our individual counselors,” Simon has explained to The Sun.

‘Ethan’s counselor was an amazing guy called Colin. He’s an actor as well as a counselor and we’d seen him in a McDonald’s advert, but the other week I was watching the John Darwin Canoe Man drama and he was in that.

Simon was heartbroken due to Gemma’s shock death


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“I showed Ethan the following morning and we both loved seeing him.

Almost five years on from Gemma’s passing, Simon is now remarried – tying the knot with lawyer Derrina Jebb in July of last year.

The blended family live in a new home together, different to the house Gemma resided in with Simon and Ethan – with the former Sky Sports New presenter admitted he always knew they were “going to move after what happened”.

Their old home will always have a special place in their hearts though, as it is where a tribute to Gemma is located.

Ethan has a special place he can visit in remembrance of his late mother



In lieu of a grave for the mum-of-one, Simon and Ethan have planted something special in the communal land down by the river outside their old garden.

“I didn’t I didn’t want a grave and a graveyard because that’s just not for us. But back in May 2018, we planted a tree on her birthday and put a little plaque at the bottom of it,” Simon explains in his latest interview.

After losing his father during the Covid-19 pandemic, the TV presenter has become more politically engaged over recent months – even admitting he’s considered a stint in public office himself.

Simon met Derrina thanks to attending the same church



“The only way to change the culture of what’s going on is by putting your cross in the ballot box or getting involved isn’t it?” Simon mused, after admitting “one or two” people have suggested he run in some capacity.

“I care about people and I’ve found the last few months politically really difficult because I lost my dad during the pandemic.

The presenter went on to admit the past few weeks in political news have really “fired him up” and expressed his regret that so many people didn’t get to say their goodbyes to loved ones during strict lockdowns.

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