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I’ve wandered into a stranger’s camp in the wilderness when some curious optional quest text pops up: “Sing a song.” How can I resist that? Unexplored 2’s textual role-play systems spring to life, and with them I guide my Wayfarer through a series of minor musical successes until they deliver what I’m told, via flavor text, is a loud rendition of a popular ditty. The applause for my impromptu performance isn’t exactly deafening, but it is enough to secure me a place by the campfire for the night.


What is it? A fantasy roguelite with an emphasis on exploration over combat
Expect to pay: $24.99/£19.99
Developer: Ludomotion
Publisher: Big Sugar
Reviewed on: i7-10750H, RTX 3070 (laptop), 16GB RAM, SSD
Multiplayer? No
Link: Steam (opens in new tab)

When I’m not singing, my roguelite avatar is busy lugging modifier-laden equipment around a hostile procedurally-generated land in the hopes of delivering a magical object to a forbidden place to destroy it and save the world. Yes, it’s all a bit The Lord of The Rings, but Unexplored 2 is inspired by Tolkien in a way most fantasy games aren’t. Rather than subject me to another round of orc wars, hot elves, and magic swords with funny names, Unexplored 2 instead focuses on my traveler’s long, hard, journey, with combat being something I only resort to when I’ve either run out of lembas waybread and need to hunt, or when I’m forced to defend myself.

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