How iOS 16 and Android 13 Could Affect Smartphones in the Future

Smartphones will lose digitization. iOS 16 and Android 13 debut this year. Both companies want to turn phones into digital wallets. Improving phone-car, smart-home communication.

iOS 16 and Android 13 introduce Apple's Safety Check and Google's privacy upgrades. The phone's OS is changing. Apple and Google emphasize phone cases.

More we link phones to wallets, credit cards, cars, and appliances, the harder it is to ditch them (or switch to Android) (or switch between iPhone and Android). Growing industry Apple requires iOS16 and Android13.

Replacement wallet iOS 16 and Android 13 beta highlight digital wallets. Apple Pay Later is 6-weeks. iOS 16 verifies age with Wallet IDs. Apple launched digital IDs last year

Google recently updated I/O Wallet. Google Wallet stores transit and ID cards. Google ID-friendly. Apple and Google will eliminate wallets. I/O confirmed it.

Android and Google Play VP Sameer Samat always has his phone and cash. Phone-as-wallet? Wallet and Apple Pay's Corey Fugman agreed. "iWallet replaces wallets"

Apps replace plastic. 50% of smartphone users will use Apple Pay by 2025. Pay Later and Google Wallet replace wallets.

Smartphones will replace wallets, say Apple and Google. Both companies made cameraphones. Smartphones, appliances, cars, and speakers.

Apple and Google like cameras. iPhone's Translate camera translates text. Apple localized WWDC's menu. Photo taps can track flights or convert currencies.

"Scene explorer" explores reality. Your phone's camera scanned products. Google's search chief recommends nut-free snacks and unscented lotion.

Google, Apple want phone hubs. Android 13 promises faster pairing, audio switching, and message sync. Android Auto's split-screen multitasks.

Apple and Google connect smartphones to cards, thermostats, and cars. iOS 16 has photo backgrounds and Apple Watch widgets. Material OS-wide palettes

iOS 16 and Android 13 include wallets and object-scanning cameras. Upgrades show the phone's online and offline importance and industry's future.