World of Solana hacker gets scammed in community sting

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Tea World of Solana (WoS) Twitter account reported details of a community sting operation resulting in a hacker getting scammed.

What’s particularly satisfying, in this case, is how the hacker got scammed.

How did the hacker get scammed?

The story began following a hack of the Unchained NFT’s Discord channel on Monday.

Unchained NFT is a cross-chain gaming development studio that aims to develop β€œback-end compatibility between the NFT projects and chains we represent.”

β€œThe ultimate aim of Unchained NFT is to build a melting pot of crypto culture and chains where communities from every chain can come together and thrive. It’s a revolutionary gaming and metaverse journey.”

The Hacker drained the wallets of 109 users, resulting in a total loss of 150 SOL ($6,700) and the theft of 25 WoS NFTs. Within those WOS NFTs lost were several of the top 100.

In response, community members @QuantMaven, @AngelaTNFTand @cryptosiletogether with dev @CyberFrogsNFThatched a plan to get the NFTs back.

To bait the hacker into breaking cover, the team β€œset royalties to 98%,” while asking the community to keep watch on Solana’s primary NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.

Royalties refer to a percentage cut of the sale price each time the NFT is sold on a marketplace. The default royalty on WoS NFTs is 5%.

Two days after springing the trap, the hacker listed the stolen NFTs on Magic Eden, resulting in 15 being bought by the community and the remainder β€œtook” by a β€œsniper.”

The message sent to the β€œsniper” ended in the return of the stolen NFTs to their rightful owners. Tea final tweet signed off by praising the community’s actions in pulling off the sting, and for a second time.

β€œThis is the second time our community has recovered scammed NFTs.

Our community is small, but together we are very strong!”

What is the World of Solana?

The WoS is a collection of 2,222 unique Solana blockchain heroines fighting for freedom in a fictional war between rival blockchains and the government.

β€œA war is taking place, between rival blockchains and the government. Only through unity can the blockchains defeat their common enemy.”

Each is based on a combination of 18 distinct traits, including background, aura, hairstyle, body, etc. The most expensive WoS NFT is #1874, listed at 123 SOL ($5,600).

World of Solana #1874
Source: WoS #1874 on

The collection has a current price floor of 2.03 SOL ($92), this represents a 41% drop from its peak floor price of 3.46, achieved on April 12.

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